Happy Be-lated Canada Day!

Have you ever heard of Sugar Apples, native of tropical America, also commonly eaten in South East Asia, that don’t look like an apple at all, rather look like an artichoke?

I found them for the first time in my life at Granville Island’s Public Market on Canada Day. While everyone else were waving the Canadian flag, my eyes were so fixed on this fascinating tropical fruits. I decided to buy just one sugar apple.

“Keep in the paper bag, do not refrigerated, when it’s ripe, it gets softer and the flesh becomes mushy. Keep with bananas if you want it ripen fast. 5 dollars 65 cents please.”

“Wha!? #&*@!?”

Thai Sugar Apple01

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Westend – Vancouver, BC

West end 03_W930

What if you are going to see behind the door is your own future, will you open it?


If it is the future of our human kind behind the door, will you open it?

Just a little thoughts, it appears often in Westend.

What he gave me was a muse.

Not have been inspired these days. I don’t know what to cook. I can’t hear what my body says. Is this so called “writer’s block” kinda phenomenal?

I wasn’t sure how I was going to spend my day off, but somehow I ended up spending time at Granville Island where my favourite public market is. As I was ambling around in the market – still uninspired, I finally bought some freshly made Chestnut & Yam Ravioli from one of the venders. I tucked it into my shopping bag and turned around, then some hand crafted 3D pop up cards got my attention. Many of the cards had Japanese influenced theme, so I looked up to see who was the artist for these beautiful cards. It was an elderly gentleman with beautiful white hair and clear blue sky eyes.

“Are you Japanese?”, “Yes, I am. Where your inspiration coming from? I see Japan in your art.” He replies with his hands on his heart, “It is my wife. She is a second generation Japanese Canadian. She is the reason for my creations.”

I didn’t need any cards, but wanted to buy one from him so bad, which I couldn’t explain why at all, but I HAD TO buy one.

I spent good 10 minutes and finally picked one.

“OK, can I buy this please?”, “It is yours now. Free of charge.”, “NO NO NO”, “YES YES YES! Please take it, it is a gift from my wife for you!”

I just quietly vowed and thanked him with tears flooded in my eyes, wondering why he decided to give it to me. It was so touching but still wasn’t sure how I should take it when I got home. So I opened the card again, looked at it from many different angle, and all at sudden I realized, what he gave me was not just his art, what he really gave me was a muse.

Now I am looking at the light and shadow of the card creates in many different ways. I found an inspiration.