My Lovely Cooking Buddy! Vol.2

My Lovely Cooking Buddy! Vol.2

Continued from yesterday.

Jonny’s putting pesto sauce on the pizza. The sauce is of course made by him.

You can make many awesome pizzas with what you have in stock, and again as always, Jonathan did his magic on pizzas! So lucky me!

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I’m actually lactose intolerant, not severely but depending on the amount of consumption I have to move in to a toilet for sure 🙁 Thank you Jonny for making it with moderate amount of cheese.


And here’s another famous gourmet from Montreal. Yes, Montreal Smoked Meat! Usually with light rye bread and mustard other than the meat. It is simple but has huge impact on eyes and tummy!


Too thick for it to close!! I was worried if I’d get sick (beef also affects on a lactose intolerant.) I was OK after all, just couldn’t finish the fries. Oopsie!

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