My Lovely Cooking Buddy! Vol.1

My Lovely Cooking Buddy! Vol.1



My lovely cooking buddy, Jonathan. He currently lives in Montreal, Canada, and I visited him last month before moving to Japan while it’s more reasonable in many ways. We met in Vancouver some years back, paired up for a local cooking event, which we won the first prize!! He is my precious friend who shared a rare moment with. I wonder where all the pics went??

Anyways, we cooked in his beautiful, and yet super stylish apartment, errr… I actually didn’t do too much, especially for pizzas (which will be shown in next blog) I pretty much did nothing.

Ok, lets start off with my Tomato Mango Salsa. Jonathan calls “Bomb Salsa” and as me being ESL, I asked him what the heck tha “Bomb” means, and he said “nothing really.” LOL! Apparently it is a trendy word for something cool and stuff 🙂

  • Tomato
  • Mango
  • Cilantro
  • Garlic, Onion, Chilli
  • Lime juice, Lime zest
  • Salt

Just mix them all! Done!

I also made Cuke, Tamarind, and Cilantro Salad but forgot to take pics! Ouch!

Jonathan’s dinning room. Thought I was in a magazine.

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