Happy Be-lated Canada Day!

Have you ever heard of Sugar Apples, native of tropical America, also commonly eaten in South East Asia, that don’t look like an apple at all, rather look like an artichoke?

I found them for the first time in my life at Granville Island’s Public Market on Canada Day. While everyone else were waving the Canadian flag, my eyes were so fixed on this fascinating tropical fruits. I decided to buy just one sugar apple.

“Keep in the paper bag, do not refrigerated, when it’s ripe, it gets softer and the flesh becomes mushy. Keep with bananas if you want it ripen fast. 5 dollars 65 cents please.”

“Wha!? #&*@!?”

Thai Sugar Apple01

“5 dollars 65 cents please.”
Thai Sugar Apple02

…I waited 4 days, poked, and picked one of the scabs, I mean scales, no, I mean skin, it looked ready so I peeled it off and CHOMP!

Oh it was heavenly!

It was like mushy pear lychee! Wait, that didn’t sound too appealing, did it? Well, I don’t care it was like mushy pear lychee and it was tasty! My apple was from Thailand, now, I wonder how sugar apple was brought to Asia…or, would it taste any different from ones in tropical America?

A sugar apple from Thailand that is native of tropical America, brought by Spanish traders many years ago, being eaten in Canada by a Japanese person.

It is an incredible journey, and I think that is how we live. My $5.65 was very well spent on Canada Day.

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