Endive et fromage

Endive et fromage


Have you had Belgian Endives before? That looks like Napa Cabbage(Hakusai) sans wrinkles and tastes somewhat similar but is a little bitter than Hakusai. I love this bitterness! My French friend corrected my pronunciation from endaiv to a:ndiv which I left with a simple “a-ha” just because I can’t do the sound sexy like her, and moved on to make this fantastic salad instead.

I think stilton cheese is commonly used in endive salad, but I used Applewood Smoked Cheddar this time.

Endive x 3 heads, radishes, parsley, crushed pistachio, and grated Applewood Smoked Cheddar! Unfortunately this salad can be a real harm on your wallet especially in Japan. Not only the cheese, pistachio is expensive too. But the point is, the combination of “smoked” cheese and some kind of nuts with the endive is the key. So you can replace those ingredients with almonds and Smoked Gouda which are much easier to find in Japan, and way more reasonable. If you want you can also replace the Endive to Hakusai. Yeah, screw that a:ndiv !

The dressing is simple. Lemon juice, garlic, EVO, S&P, Dijon Mustard(grainy one), and yogurt.


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