Lemongrass & Chive BBQ Sauce

Lemongrass & Chive BBQ Sauce

Chive & parmesan cheese sauce. Great for BBQ.

That chives and parmesan cheese, I still have some left. What am I gonna do with them? Both not very much left. Hmmmmmm.

Then my phone rings. Oh hey, BBQ! Yes the weather is perfect for that, yes thanks I’d love to come! See ya later, man! *click!* …Well, however…what should I bring? Thought of stopping by a grocery store on the way, but it is actually NOT on the way, have to make quite a trip which will for sure be a waste of time, but I don’t have meat in stock as I don’t eat meat often. So, I made a sauce to go with BBQ, with my left overs as usual.

Chives, grated cheese, ginger & garlic, grated lemongrass, and bird’s eye chilli, S & P, dash of fish sauce, and generous sesame oil.

They all added up to a decent amount 🙂 and some were putting it on the meat, some were using it in the hotdog, some were enjoying with grilled veggies. I was happy to see that I could add some flavours on BBQ.

BTW, do you know where I can find lemongrass in Osaka? (BBQ was held in Vancouver) I miss the fresh fragrant herb(is that herb?) so much.

With a bit of work, left overs always turn out great.


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