We Love Veggie Gyoza.


Cheese, Walnuts & Chive Gyoza. Lemon S=P Truffle Oil was an amazing companion.

Bit of chives, parmesan cheese and walnuts…that’s all I had in my fridge. As I was way too lazy to go for grocery shopping so made veggie gyoza with them.

Massage the chives with a pinch of salt, then squeeze out excess water. Add to grated parmesan cheese and chopped walnuts, season with your favourite spices, and wrap with gyoza wrapper. I made dipping sauce with lemon juice, S&P, and olive oil and a dash of truffle oil, which was an absolute success!

Endive et fromage

Have you had Belgian Endives before? That looks like Napa Cabbage(Hakusai) sans wrinkles and tastes somewhat similar but is a little bitter than Hakusai. I love this bitterness! My French friend corrected my pronunciation from endaiv to a:ndiv which I left with a simple “a-ha” just because I can’t do the sound sexy like her, and moved on to make this fantastic salad instead.

I think stilton cheese is commonly used in endive salad, but I used Applewood Smoked Cheddar this time.

Endive x 3 heads, radishes, parsley, crushed pistachio, and grated Applewood Smoked Cheddar! Unfortunately this salad can be a real harm on your wallet especially in Japan. Not only the cheese, pistachio is expensive too. But the point is, the combination of “smoked” cheese and some kind of nuts with the endive is the key. So you can replace those ingredients with almonds and Smoked Gouda which are much easier to find in Japan, and way more reasonable. If you want you can also replace the Endive to Hakusai. Yeah, screw that a:ndiv !

The dressing is simple. Lemon juice, garlic, EVO, S&P, Dijon Mustard(grainy one), and yogurt.


Lemongrass & Chive BBQ Sauce


Chive & parmesan cheese sauce. Great for BBQ.

That chives and parmesan cheese, I still have some left. What am I gonna do with them? Both not very much left. Hmmmmmm.

Then my phone rings. Oh hey, BBQ! Yes the weather is perfect for that, yes thanks I’d love to come! See ya later, man! *click!* …Well, however…what should I bring? Thought of stopping by a grocery store on the way, but it is actually NOT on the way, have to make quite a trip which will for sure be a waste of time, but I don’t have meat in stock as I don’t eat meat often. So, I made a sauce to go with BBQ, with my left overs as usual.

Chives, grated cheese, ginger & garlic, grated lemongrass, and bird’s eye chilli, S & P, dash of fish sauce, and generous sesame oil.

They all added up to a decent amount 🙂 and some were putting it on the meat, some were using it in the hotdog, some were enjoying with grilled veggies. I was happy to see that I could add some flavours on BBQ.

BTW, do you know where I can find lemongrass in Osaka? (BBQ was held in Vancouver) I miss the fresh fragrant herb(is that herb?) so much.

With a bit of work, left overs always turn out great.


Collard Green Wraps

Collard Sushi_W900

Boil Collard greens: cut stems off, and peel the bottom of the leaves thin enough to roll easily. Boil one by one from the bottom for 30 seconds, then the leafy part, for about a minute total. Put it in a colander, no blanching, just let it cook and cool.

Carrot Salad: Mix shredded carrots, parsly, lemon juice, S&P, flaxseed oil.

Roll them together: Place smoked tofu strips, carrot salad, on the boiled collard green and roll tight like when you make wraps.

Serve with hummus. Yum Yum!

The same carrot salad also can be like this!